“All of us have emotions that need to be understood and managed. Dr. Paul, using the art of story telling clearly teaches us that managing our feelings helps us overcome hardship and increases our confidence in ourselves.  A must read for children and adults

Julia M. Rahn, Ph.D. ,

Founder of Flourish Studios

“ I would highly recommend the book, Cullen Arma, the Bully, and the Shaman’s Coat.  This book is well researched from the powers of the “Shaman’s Coat” to the different animal traits that Cullen assumes when life becomes difficult or dangerous.  Students can relate to the problems Cullen and his friends face in middle school, from feelings of inadequacy and class bullies to first love and too much homework!  You care about what happens to Cullen because his problems are similar to your life and this develops into interesting classroom discussions.  This book is a great read! ”

Terry Demling, Literacy Coach,

Chicago Public Schools

“My 12-year-old read it in one day and loved it!  He liked the spiritual aspect to it and the message that the coat was a way to find one’s inner potential.  He said it was worthy of the Rebecca Caudill award!  I’m going to recommend the book to my son’s middle school principal.” 

Marcie Stern, Strategic Coach,

Consultant, and Speaker

“Patrice Paul’s, Cullen Arma, the Bully, and the Shaman’s Coat, is creatively written.  It’s a clever story that kids can relate to.  My son, Joe, was drawn to the characters, Cullen, Alyssa, and Brayden, as they discovered the power of the coat and used it to save the school.  He said, “I like how Cullen could use the power of animals to save the day and I love all the action!”  As a mom, I think it’s a book that kids will eat up!”

Jennifer Rongaus, Parent

“Patrice Paul, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, recently

presented a timely and thoroughly interesting program at our

local library: Bullies and Cyberbullies – What We Can Do to

Promote Positive Changes.  Dr. Paul discussed the character and

behavior of bullies and their victims, as well as the social,

emotional, and academic impacts.  She also talked about how

access to information and communication technology has

broadened the reach of bullies.  Dr. Paul’s credentials are

impeccable and her presentation is thought-provoking.  She

has extensive experience working with children, ‘tweens,

teens, and parents.  Her sincere interest in the subject is

evident and she encouraged questions, which were

numerous.  I would like to thank Dr. Paul for this

thoughtful, well-done program.”

Kay Kohut, MLS

Program Coordinator,

Woodridge Public Library

“After reading Dr. Paul’s credentials, I had high hopes

for her presentation on helping children transition into

middle school.  Dr. Paul discussed the neurological and

cognitive developments that occur at these ages in a way that

was easily understood by all. She provided handouts and

encouraged audience participation and group discussions. 

The audience was small, but very attentive, and responded

positively to her interactive presentation.  All audience members

left feeling educated as well as entertained and said they would

definitely be interested in another presentation by Dr. Paul.  Her

expertise on this difficult transition was extremely beneficial and the

library will look into having her back in the future.  The variety of

topics she is able to speak on is an asset to library programming.”

Melissa Doornbos,

Program Coordinator,

Downers Grove Public Library


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