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The dastardly plan to ruin the lives of students at M.R. Rick Junior High is underway.  Walker Hayes, school cyber-bully extraordinaire, will get his revenge for not winning 1st place at the computer science fair last year.  Will anyone discover his evil plan?  Can anyone stop him?  Only one person could possibly defeat Walker, but he’s having problems of his own.  After slipping into a shaman’s mystical coat, Cullen Arma, an average 13-year-old, can conjure the skills of animals when he’s excited, anxious, or mad.  Cullen must now learn to understand his emotions in order to control these skills.  Unfortunately, the clock is ticking.  Can Cullen use these mystical talents to put a halt to Walker’s sinister plans?  Only with the help of his best friend, Brayden, and brainy cousin, Alyssa will he (and his fellow students) stand a chance.

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Cullen Arma and the Black Hills

Cullen Arma (Book #3) 

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